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Nines 347 - May/June 2017

Nines 347 :: May/June 2017

NINES, the Saab Club Magazine, reaches a very special audience of Saab owners. Published bimonthly, NINES offers advertisers a premiere chance to reach this group who are seeking a reliable source of maintenance parts, concerned about maintaining older Saab cars, and trying to improve the look and performance of their favorite vehicle.


"Uncle" Bob's Car Reborn 8
Lipstick on a Pig? 10
ABS Woes 12
In Memoriam 13
My Lifelong Automotive Passions 14
Who Was Walter Kern? 15
Saabs Galore 16
When the Rubber Meets the Road Test 28
Hard Headed Saab Owner 29
2017 Proxy Ballot 32
Saab in YouTube Series 33
The Sap and the Saab Begins to Run 36

SCNA and Club News

Saab Clubs News 24
Saab Services and Discounts 26
NEVS News 30
North American Saab Clubs and Contacts 34
SCNA News 35


Letters 4
From the Archives by Bruce Harbison 6
On the Column by Chip Lamb 18
Professional Perspective by Chuck Andrews 20
Through a Windscreen Darkly by Linnea Krajewski 22
Classified Ads 38