SCNA Seeks IT Volunteer

Best car club in America seeks Engineering help! Become the Saab Club Digital Master Tech.

Help one the kindest and quirkiest communities in the transition to a Club-run Saab Community. The Saab Club of North America is one of the planet’s premier car clubs with a down-to-earth can-do attitude. We’ve been fixing things ourselves for a while now and we are looking for a central role with the Club to help. Our digital experiences define the organization, promote our events and activities, distribute our thoughts and ideas, help our members whether they are on the side of the road, in their garage or snug in bed mapping out that next road trip. As Saab fades into the past as an OEM, enthusiasm and dedication the cars and the marque only grows. And it based on the fantastic folks that make up the Saab community.

Goals: Maintain and improve our web site and member database. Support membership order processing and our annual Convention.  Be part of a team updating online content and developing new member services.

Skills desired: (We don’t expect any one person to have all of these skills. Please contact us if you have some of them, and are willing to learn others. We may fill this role with several volunteers, working as a team.)

  • WordPress Gutenberg editor, HTML and CSS.
  • WordPress as an admin, PHP, functions.php, themes and plugins, child themes.
  • Google Workspace as an admin, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, with advanced formulas and JavaScript functions
  • Google Shared Drives, access controls, Drive API.
  • Google Groups, settings and moderation.
  • Good knowledge of how email delivery works, SMTP, DMARC, envelope vs message, header interpretation, aliases and routing.
  • Dealing with domain registration, DNS, TLS/SSL certificates.
  • LAMP, at the command-line. ssh and scp. vi or your favorite text editor. 
  • Some each of: Python, JavaScript, Git, MariaDB/MySQL. 

Time commitment: about 5 hrs/week on average, more during Convention setup. On-call for emergencies but these are rare. Attend team meetings (virtual); read and respond to team emails or other communications.  Attend or be available remotely during the Convention, and participate in registration work leading up to it.  A Director will be your liaison to the Board.

Technology: We run a WordPress site at hosted on Debian Linux in the cloud (Linode), using WooCommerce with WooCommerce Memberships and numerous other plugins and customizations in PHP. You would be responsible for the security of the site and the underlying OS, monitoring it for uptime, upgrading versions as needed, and debugging faults.  We also make extensive use of Google Workspace for email and shared docs, with some in-house Python scripts to manage the Drive access controls; to extract member data for mailing 9s; to update metrics; and Sheets to handle registration and to present and tabulate online voting at our annual Convention.  We have a system that just needs to be kept running, but if you have the skills you would have scope to make it your own.

Please apply by email, and include a brief description of your skills and situation.

SCNA are the folks that bring you The Saab Owners Convention (SOC):

  • Largest dedicated, annual Saab gathering in North America.
  • Showfield, People’s Choice Awards, Concours D’Saab, Parts Swap, Technical Seminars and dinners with Sponsors, Clubs and the whole Saab Community.
  • Held annually in a different location so that each part of the country, every Local Club and every one of us has a chance to attend and every region has the opportunity to showcase their Saabs on the Showfield.
  • Sponsored and Organized by SCNA (Saab Club of North America) we ask that you are a member in good standing (or in need of parts, know-how, love and community) and welcome all auto enthusiasts who have a passion for Saabs to attend.
  • Stay overnight in the hotel, head home locally. Bring your family, stay up late on the Showfield, complain about the mods, make fun of the purists.
  • Debate the sacred debates in person (Saab/GM, What kind of Trans Fluid, Flat/Slant, 2-Stroke…).
  • Walk into a world where all it takes is an interest in a defunct, quirky Swedish car marque to make lifelong friends. Where everyone shares the DNA of looking back twice at their Saab, or someone else’s Saab.