Help your Club shine! Volunteer at SOC 2024!

We are looking for Volunteers to help with SOC 2024!

Volunteers are the heart of the Saab Owners Convention (SOC), the Saab Club of North America (SCNA)’s biggest event. Without them, SOC wouldn’t exist as the memorable event for the hundreds who make the trek from across the country – and from around the world!

As a SOC Volunteer, you will be an important member of the team and serve as ambassadors for the Saab brand. What does this entail? You will be the boots-on-the-ground help, doing anything from assisting at the Registration desk to manning the car wash to making sure people find their way to dinner or SAABinars – all with a smile. This extra help ensure that all attendees have the best, most inclusive, and most memorable SOC experience possible.

You can choose when you volunteer (we need help all the way from before doors open to after they close), and yes, the perks are generous: if you can give as little as 4 hours of your time, we will tangibly thank you for your time with gifts, discounts, and/or merchandise.

Sound interesting? Well, signing up is easy! Just click on the sign-up form and fill out the form. The Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with everyone with additional information about orientation and training as SOC approaches. We look forward to seeing you! 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Nathan Warner (NY) and David Millin (GA) Volunteered at SOC2023

We are always looking for passionate, talented volunteers to join us! If you are interested in volunteering with SCNA on non-SOC related projects and tasks, please feel free to reach out at Tell us about your interests and expertise, and we can explore a volunteer position tailored for you!