Which car competition should you choose?

People’s Choice Award: Your SAAB is Judged by SOC attendees and not a Judge

  • To have your car judged by a vote of the attendees of SOC and not formal judging – “People’s Choice”
  • To show off your modifications and your personality as reflected in your unique SAAB
  • SAABs will be entered into various categories
  • Success involves presenting your car so that it catches attention
  • You should present your car in person and meet the people
  • Display a list of attributes, modifications, and features that makes your car special
  • You can enter one competition or the other, not both

Concours d’Saab Award —  a Judged/Scored event scored by trained judges  

  • Concours d’Elegance means parade of elegance
  • Based on the ideal of presenting the Best of the Best
  • Highlights the original design and construction specifications
  • Criteria will be used in judging both original and restored examples
  • Equal weight to originality and condition
  • Higher-scoring cars and award winners are those in each category that are closest to the way they left the factory
  • You can enter one competition or the other, not both