9s 375

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Nines 375 – Oct-Dec 2023


  • 2 President’s Letter by Michelle Baxter
  • 3 Editor’s Letter by Greg Abbott
  • 4 Concours d’Saab Winners
  • 7 Special Awards Winners
  • 8 Mauston Massacre by Greg Abbott
  • 11 Saab Club Online
  • 12 9 Questions by Andrew Ganz & Doug Dunn
  • 14 SOC 2023 Photos
  • 16 Best in Show Winner People’s Choice
  • 17 People’s Choice Winners
  • 21 Do It Yourself & Save … Sometimes by Jim Hickstein
  • 24 INTSaab by Sanford Bogage
  • 26 SOC 2023 Group Photo
  • 27 Saab Club Info
  • 28 Tusen Tack! Thank You SOC Volunteers
  • 29 Future Events

President’s Letter

by Michelle Baxter

Hello fellow SAABers!

This year has brought a lot of changes at the top levels of your Club, with some Board member terms ending and new Board members joining our ranks. I would like to give a sincere “Thank you” to the outgoing officers that have volunteered their time to our Club: President Sanford Bogage, Vice President Daniel Cahill, and 9s Editor-In-Chief, Jan Gravley. May we carry their enthusiasm and SAAB-loving tendencies through the new year and with the new Board.

Our new Board members bring a lot of diversity, strength, talent, and SAAB quirkiness to our ranks, and I can’t wait to see what things we are able to accomplish! Let me be the first to welcome Jamie Anderson, Ian Cudny, Adam Friedstein, Julie Gardner, Saunders Lee, and Jake Tilton to the SCNA Board of Directors! I would also like to congratulate Mark Welker as your new Vice President, Michele Gorenflo as your new Secretary, and Greg Abbott as your new 9s Editor-In-Chief. Jim Hickstein, our Treasurer, is here for another year of budgets and keeping us on track with our dollars and cents!

So what is it, exactly, that our Board does? What are our goals? Our jobs?

Our goals are simple:
• To create more “Bang for the Buck” for YOU (and your fees)
• Have a website that reflects the goals of our Club
• Creating content in 9s magazine to make it a premier publication
• Growing our membership with grassroots marketing

Our “job” is to make sure that we are creating and maintaining the best experience a member (YOU) can have:
• Lending support to local Clubs to host events
• Maintaining a database of Saab-friendly repair shops and parts locators
• Designing and printing a magazine dedicated to the Saab enthusiast
• Hosting our annual Convention to bring us together from all over the country

With all these new changes, we need our members to reach out and give us a helping hand. If you have any interest in donating your time or skills, please email us at info@saabclub.com. We need your help to build our Club into something that everyone can have a hand in continuing to grow and sustain. Without the Members (YOU) there is no goal to reach. So grab a SAAB friend, volunteer your time and ideas, and let’s start making some changes!

Keep on SAABin’!

Shelly Baxter

SCNA President