SCNA Reaches Agreement with Saab Club of Canada
Saturday, 01 May 2010 20:45

The Saab Club of North America is pleased to announce that it has come to an agreement with the Saab Club of Canada whereby all SCC members are now recognized by the SCNA as official members, and SCNA members are recognized by the SCC as official members.

What this effectively means is that if you're a member of either Club, you can take part in each Club's activities, no matter if they are in Canada or the United States.

So to all our fellow SCC (and now, SCNA) members up in the Great White North, if you are planning on attending this year's Saab Owner's Convention and have a valid SCC membership, you do NOT have to purchase a SCNA membership to attend the convention and participate in all its related activities and competitions. And for all SCNA members, you are now also recognized as Saab Club of Canada members for events as well!