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President's Letter

Hmm. Time for another letter to the masses and i have precious little to say. Let me hit some high points that come to mind:

The convention is fast approaching and rooms are being reserved now. I would do the same, reserve now! It’s a very nice location as I understand it.

No, there are no registration materials out yet (June 6th) nor is the Web site registration up and running. We are waiting to hear from the event organizer but I am certain that the information will be available shortly.

SCNA elections are scheduled for the Saturday morning of the convention. Please take a few moments to consider running for office! Treasurer and Secretary are open for this go round as well as many general board positions. If you are at all interested, join in! If you don't want to run for office, at least register your proxy vote. We have less participation in these votes than for President of the United States! We can do better! Please see page 13 for more details.

As of this writing I don’t know which dignitaries have been invited to attend the convention but I hope that we can have our top four: Bob Sinclair, Eric Carlsson, John Moss, and Peter Backstrom. Please don't think that I don't consider the guys from Saab/GM in less of a light. They have been very helpful trying to get some special things for our convention (At present we still do not, I repeat, DO NOT have permission to do flyovers in a Viggen, but you never know.) In fact the current head of Saab, Jay Spenchian, seems to be a real car guy as well and the Saab PR people have been exceedingly helpful.

The vintage Saab club will have their annual meeting coincide with ours and will be sponsoring a poker run which sounds like a giggle.

That seems like it for now, we are getting so close to the convention that there is little else to discuss.

I hope to see you all there!

Lester Ewing
Interim President, SCNA

Thanks again to Bud Clark of J&B Imports in Orange, CA for the jack for my Sonett II. I am still looking for that washer reservoir . . .