SOC 2020 Status

Are we still on for SOC 2020?

At the moment, no decision has been made to cancel or postpone SOC 2020. If the convention had been scheduled for March or April, SCNA would have been forced to do so. However, conditions will may well change over the next four months, and we do not know and cannot predict if current conditions will still prevail in mid-July.

We are monitoring events closely and will provide periodic updates on the status of the convention, as soon as we can.

We intend to make a final decision about SOC 2020 far enough in advance for everyone’s convenience. However, even if it appears we can proceed 30 or 60 days out, it is still possible that last minute events (e.g., new restrictions on travel or public gatherings) might force a cancellation or postponement.

In the meantime we encourage people to register (when that opens) and reserve their hotel rooms. Registration fees are refundable in the event of a forced cancellation, and hotel reservations can be cancelled in advance, but use the proper group-booking link at

For now, keep isolated and healthy, and spend some of this downtime in your garage to keep your Saab Concours-ready!