SCNA 2020 UNconvention

In this very unusual year, with the pandemic causing the cancellation of the Saab Owners’ Convention, the SCNA board would like to stage an “UNconvention” in place of SOC 2020.

Just what IS an “UNconvention” you ask?

The basic premise is to have FUN with the fact that SOC didn’t happen. Despite the cancel– lation, this is an opportunity to engage YOU, our members, and encourage us all to embrace the Spirit of Saab. Even with the reality of social distancing, we feel that engaging our mem- bers—by hosting a “virtual convention”—would help us all celebrate our love for Saabs in some way.

Our plan includes having special commemorative items for sale (via our website), which may include:

T-shirts Hats
Rally Plates


We plan to have a portion of the proceeds go to the The Saab Heritage Car Museum USA and to the Saabs@Carlisle team to support their promotion of Saabs at the rescheduled Car- lisle meet in August.

In addition, we plan to have a commemorative “giveaway” item for our members.

And we did not forget having an Awards ceremony! The 2020 UNconvention Awards would be presented to the 3 finalists in categories a little different than usual, created in a light- hearted, tongue-in-cheek manner. The Awards we present would include:

In place of the Preservation award, we propose the “Destruction” award—presented for a Saab that was destroyed in the oddest way (NO accidents or harm to anyone, just Saabs that were lost due to a twist of fate),

In place of the Young Enthusiast award, we propose the “Mature Enthusiast” award—pre- sented to members over 55,

In place of the Sinclair award, we propose the “UNclair” award—for the worst-looking (but still daily operational) c900 convertible,

We also desire your input and your interest in purchasing commemorative items. Please for- ward your comments/interest to our Secretary, Mark Welker, via email at: secretary@saab-

Keep an eye on the SCNA website and our Facebook page to stay informed on all the activities!