9s 364

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Nines 364 – Apr-Jun 2021


  • 2  Editor’s Letter
  • 3  President’s Letter
  • 4  Modified SAABs? by Jordan Pagano
  • 6 Is Your SAAB Upgrade Ready? by Brian Blair
  • 10 Two Keys Are Better Than One by Jim Hickstein
  • 12  Endless Vintage SAABs by Donald and Zakkary Snedeker
  • 13  Market Watch : Cars & Bids by Jan Gravley
  • 14  SAAB Shots by Karis Nix
  • 17  SAABs Online
  • 18  Barn-Find 900 SPG by Jerry Danner
  • 22 Moving 10 SAABs by Linnea Krajewski
  • 24 Moving 150 SAABs by Greg Abbott
  • 26 SCNA Board Members
  • 28  SOC 2021
  • 29  Future Events

President’s Letter

Dear SCNA Members,

Just one year ago, I was with members of the SCNA Board at our site visit to the Desmond Hotel in Albany, NY. We were finalizing plans for SOC 2020, with barely a thought about the prospect of the entire SOC being canceled along with just about every event of 2020. In addition to ample time to get my vehicles ready for SOC 2021, this past year has given me time in front of my computer looking at Saab vehicles for sale throughout the country (and even beyond).

With the ample Facebook groups, video channels, blogs, vlogs, feeds and countless other trends, there is not a shortage of interesting Saabs around. Those who are watching the market will notice that the values appear to be moving in the upwards direction. One recent morning, I looked at saabnet.com classifieds for the final generation 9-3, and I found many nice late model examples with low miles. There were a few with six speed manuals, XWD or the rare end-of-the-run Turbo X package. The styling and interiors still look good, and the asking price reflects the continued demand for good used vehicles.

In recent months and years, there has been an increase in collector auction sites that feature interesting cars that are affordable to the average person. Bring a Trailer has grown by leaps and bounds, and has had some absolutely beautiful classic 900’s for sale. With final sales figures well above $10,000 on some of the best examples, I think it is fair to say that the value of a nice Saab will continue to increase over time. Some other sites that auction vehicles besides eBay and BAT are Hemmings and a new one called Cars and Bids that is discussed in another article in this issue.

We hope you enjoy our first issue of the “new” Nines, in which you will see some familiar columns in addition to some new features. Greg Abbott and the Nines Committee have been working to improve the overall experience of Nines magazine and SCNA membership overall. While we are changing our look and always on the lookout for new content, you will find more content and updates on line. Don’t forget to check our website at saabclub.com for information and merchandise as well as a link to our YouTube channel, which is currently under development.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and we look forward to seeing you at an outdoor car event soon. In addition to various local Saab get togethers, the planning is underway for Saabs@Carlisle coming up this May in Carlisle, PA, and of course SOC 2021, July 15-17 in Albany, NY.


Sanford Bogage

President, Saab Club of North America