Nines 362

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Nines 362 – Oct-Nov 2020


Saabs@Carlisle 2020 8
On Holiday 10
Saabs of the North Atlantic 14
South Dakota or Bust! 15
A Winter Harvest 28
Focus Automotive 30
Viggen Story 32
Saab 9900 36
Transmission Truth 37

SCNA and Club News

Saab Services and Discounts 26
SOC 2020 UNconvention 33
North American Saab Clubs and Contacts 34
SCNA News 35


Letters 4
From the Archives by Bruce Harbison 6
The Dr. is In by Kelly R. Conaty 16
On the Column by Bob Miller 18
Professional Perspective by Chuck Andrews 20
Through a Windscreen Darkly by Linnea Krajewski 22
Nix’s Saab Shots By Karis Nix 24
Classified Ads 38

President’s Letter

Dear SCNA Members,

Thank you for taking the time to read through another issue of NINES magazine. Based on my experience with the Saab Club, from the time I was an attendee at SOC to my joining the board and finally serving as President, SCNA has always represented an alternative to the world around me. I have found some amazing parts and vehicles, connected sellers to eager buyers whenever possible, and have been lucky enough to meet and get to know some of the many people who make this a unique community. During this time of uncertainty and turmoil, the Saab Club has been a welcome diversion to the reality at hand. I hope that it can serve as a peaceful escape for you as well.

While life has been on hold for so many of us, I did have some responsibilities to take care of this past summer. Over the past few years, my Saab collection has grown, and one of my cars had become somewhat homeless half-way across the country. In early July, I flew into Albuquerque to retrieve my 1990 9000 S from a storage facility and drive it up to Denver. Once in Denver, I spent a few days visiting my father before joining the Rocky Mountain Saab Club for a long- planned weekend at the Saab Heritage Car Museum USA in Sturgis.

The museum is quite expansive, so it wasn’t hard to stay more than six feet away from the handful of other volunteers who attended. We thank Tom and Patti Donney for their hospitality, and it was great to help out at the museum and connect a bit with the Saab community. The welcome center looks great, as does the collection of vehicles, photos, and other Saab memorabilia. SCNA and the Saab Heritage Museum hopes to host an SOC in Sturgis in the next few years.

Those of you who are regulars at the annual events know that Carlisle was postponed from May to August. Again, I was fortunate enough to be healthy and able to attend the Carlisle event this year as well. As you can imagine, turnout was again low, but Saab consistently has the strongest showing of any make, and this year was no exception. There were some special treats including a 9000 Aero with only 81K miles, a 900 friction tester, and an impressive array of stock and modified cars with almost every model represented.

Please see other articles for more information and photos from these and other local events. Please send us pictures and stories about your Saab adventures as we continue to work to connect the Saab community across the United States, Canada and beyond!


Sanford Bogage

President, Saab Club of North America