Nines 363

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Nines 363 – Jan-Mar 2021


In Memoriam 4
Sadie Lives! 8
Head Scratcher 9
Vintage beats COVID 10
Vintage Boat beats All! 11
Two Unique Saabs 12
The Saab Road Less Traveled 28
Saabs of the North Atlantic 30
Tom Sets Another Speed Record! 32

SCNA and Club News

Saab Services and Discounts 26
North American Saab Clubs and Contacts 34
SCNA News 35


Letters 5
From the Archives by Bruce Harbison 6
The Dr. is In by Kelly R. Conaty 16
On the Column by Bob Miller 18
Professional Perspective by Chuck Andrews 20
Through a Windscreen Darkly by Linnea Krajewski 22
Nix’s Saab Shots by Karis Nix 24
Classified Ads 38

President’s Letter

Dear SCNA Members,

Here we are, more than six months into the pandemic, and with the end still months into the future. Has there been any aspect of life not affected by what my father refers to as an “insidious and ghostly” virus? Regardless of your age or stage of life, we have all been forced to re-think even our most basic habits. I write this letter having just finished a Thanksgiving where the CDC and many others begged and tried to order us not to travel to see loved ones, some of whom we haven’t seen yet in 2020. While it is easy to focus on all of the negativity around us right now, I try to remain optimistic about the future, and when possible, find joy in some of the more minor things that may be slightly improved.

When it comes to driving my Saabs, these empty roads have made cruising fun again. Recently, I have felt like I am in one of those car commercials, cruising down a long (often newly paved) stretch of highway with nary a car in sight. In addition to finding excuses to drive around, I have been able to focus more attention on completing projects or searching on line for those small parts that, while not absolutely necessary, make my car that much more fun to own and drive. My 2011 Aero has newly refinished Hirsch wheels, and for my ’82 900, I was able to find a set of Shelby wheels which I will refurbish in time for SOC 2021. One long term project that was also completed was the refinishing and installation of a factory armrest for my 1990 9000S. I appreciate the work of and other independent mechanics and web sites that help me improve and maintain my Saabs. I am looking forward to showcasing my own personal collection this July in Albany.

Just as myself and many Saab owners have been working on improving their vehicles during this unusual time, the SCNA Board has continued to meet, discuss and plan ways to improve our communication and reach beyond our annual Owners’ Convention and to the greater Saab community. To this end, we have recently agreed to shift the editing and production of NINES magazine from long time Editor in Chief Seth Bengelsdorf to a team of SCNA Board members, along with our continuing contributions from club members and friends. On behalf of the entire SCNA Board, I would like to thank Seth for his years of service and dedication to NINES and to Saab owners across the country and around the world. Without his tireless efforts, we would not have so much Saab technical and historical information as well as a wealth of Saab and SOC related photographs and memorabilia.

Over the coming issues, we plan on better aligning NINES to our web and other publications, and continue making improvements to meet the needs and desires of Saab owners everywhere. If you have suggestions or would like to get more involved in NINES, please email us at


Sanford Bogage

President, Saab Club of North America