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Nines 374 – Jul-Sep 2023


  • 2 President’s Letter
  • 4 When in Chicago… by Chicago Saab Owners Club
  • 6 Almost Stranded in SD by Roger Smith
  • 10 9 Questions by Bret Sassaman & Jenny Sassaman
  • 9 Saabs Online
  • 10 9 Questions
  • 12 Petersen Automotive by Sanford Bogage
  • 14 Saab Shots
  • 16 Saabs @ Carlisle by Evan Acuna
  • 20 Cleveland Rocks – Saabs! by Sanjay Patel
  • 22 The Road Not Taken by Greg Abbott
  • 24 VA Meet & Greet by Mark Welker
  • 24 Saab Takeover by Mark Welker
  • 25 Saab Club Info
  • 26 Independent Auto Craft by Roger S. Harris
  • 29 Future Events

President’s Letter

by Sanford Bogage

Dear SCNA Members,

Here in New England, we have had a mild winter but a cool, wet spring. Finally, early in May and after a week of rain, we had a beautiful weekend and I was able to take a long ride in my convertible. There’s no feeling quite like that of driving on a great road with the top down on a beautiful spring day. The classic Saab 900, in any configuration, is simply one of the best driving cars ever made. I am fortunate to have three amazing c900s right now, each being a special car with its own place in the history of Saab.

My convertible, with over 240k miles, is an aging but still dignified ‘94 Commemorative Edition. Like many automakers, Saab sold the old body style convertible alongside the new generation of the 900 for model year 1994. Although these weren’t numbered like the ‘93 Commemorative 3-door cars, you can tell from the more powerful “redbox” computer, the Nova Black paint, beige top, and leather seats with dark piping. My car has faded paint and worn seats, but is ready for a drive anywhere no matter the weather.

Going in reverse order of age, I have a largely original ‘82. With a 5-speed transmission and first year APC system, this car represented a step up in modernization over earlier 900s. Originally purchased in Illinois, my car was serviced for many years at Petersen Automotive, our title sponsor for this year’s SOC.

Just recently, I acquired a first year ‘79 900 that was purchased new and owned for over 40 years by the same woman. I think I have written about this car before, as it immediately captured a special place in my heart. With a B motor and 4-speed, this is truly the bridge between the 99 and the 900, and this alabaster yellow time capsule still has the original window sticker from Memphis, TN along with service records spanning decades. I have already reached out to many of my SCNA friends, sharing photos and asking advice on sorting through some various issues, and I am excited to bring it to a local meet soon.

With Carlisle under our belt, the 2023 car show season is officially underway. With so many local meets popping up, we try to highlight a few of them. As you read this issue, the SCNA board along with some amazing volunteers in the Chicago Area Saab Club are busy getting ready for SOC 2023 in Oak Brook, IL. From an amazing track day at the Autobahn Country Club to service specials at Petersen Automotive in Skokie, this convention truly represents how far we have come since 1983, when that first convention was held in Galena, IL. Check out saabconvention.com for more information about the track day on Wednesday and other special events.


Sanford Bogage
SCNA President