SOC 2022 Location

EDITED 2021-Jul-22 rev 02. Watch this space, and don’t book anything that’s non-refundable. Not yet.



As you read this, you may already be attending SOC 2021, once again in Albany NY, our 38th Convention! We move around the continent from year to year – far and fast is the rule – to try to be fairly close to everyone at some point: 2016 in Georgia, 2017 in Southern California, 2018 in Maryland, 2019 in Colorado, (we won’t talk about 2020), and 2021 back in the Northeast, where most of the Saabs live.

One of the perennial questions at the awards banquet on Saturday night is, “Where is next year’s Convention?” Everyone needs to plan and a few try to lock in hotel reservations a year in advance. We try to announce at least a region by then, if not an exact venue and dates under contract, but this year we are fortunate to have both:

SOC 2022 will be a joint event with the Saab Heritage Car Museum USA in Sturgis, South Dakota, July 21 or 22 to 23 or 24, 2022. The event theme is not yet final, but 2022 is Saab’s 75th anniversary. The exact location of all the Convention events is still undecided, so watch this space. See for more, and join the Saab Club of North America at and sign up for our mailing list to get updates.

We expect a large contingent from overseas in 2022: this is high season and the Black Hills region has so much to offer, everyone could easily plan a whole week around this. Come and enjoy driving your Saab in some of the most beautiful scenery around.