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Nines 355 – January-March 2019


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President’s Letter
Dear SCNA Members,

Many of us are on line in the various Facebook groups and other on-line forums that post and talk about all things Saab. In addition, most have heard of and enjoyed watching Jay Leno’s Garage, with all of the beautiful cars in his collection. Those attending SOC 2009, the Summit of the Nines, at Copper Mountain in Colorado, may recall a visit to Jay Leno’s garage as part of the keynote address that year. Although Jay didn’t actually come to SOC himself, he invited Jerry Danner to his garage in Los Angeles to film a video of him and his 1958 Saab 93 that he had purchased with the help of Tom Donney. Just recently, Jay decided to again pull out his beautiful little 2 stroke Saab to make an updated video. Watch the video, and hear him talk about Tom and the importance of car clubs in finding and preserving the best cars for future generations
Perhaps Jay Leno subconsciously realized that SCNA and the Rocky Mountain Saab Club are busy planning another SOC in the Denver area. Every ten years, Saab owners travel to Colorado to celebrate our favorite automaker. This summer, SOC will be in Loveland, CO on July 25-28, and our theme will focus on the 9-3 Viggen model that was first introduced twenty years ago in 1999. Reserve your hotel room early, but keep checking back as we communicate plans for the weekend. If you are planning a drive to Denver, consider a few extra days to take a ride through the mountains or to visit Mt. Rushmore and the Saab Heritage Car Museum USA in Sturgis, SD. Tom Donney just announced that the museum will be having a “Pajama Party” on Wednesday, July 24 for anyone who wishes to stop by on their way to SOC. Look for more details, including any organized activities before or after the convention, in a future issue of NINES or on our website at
As the current owner of 6 vehicles bearing the Saab name and ranging from 1982-2011 in vintage, there is always work to be done on one or more of my vehicles. In Massachusetts, there is a requirement for an annual state vehicle inspection. All vehicles, no matter how old, must go through this process to be driven legally. While at times it takes some extra effort and expense to keep my Saabs in top condition, the driving experience is unlike that in any other car, and I view the maintenance as a necessary part of owning and driving a heavily engineered machine built to high standards. I am so appreciative of my local friends, mechanics and the on-line community that helps us to locate parts, troubleshoot and find used Saabs to buy and sell in order to keep as many of them on the road as possible.


Sanford Bogage

President, Saab Club of North America