Allan Holmes

Allan Holmes, Director

Richmond, VA

Allan grew up in a large extended family of car enthusiasts and collectors. Like his father and all his uncles, Allan grew to love all cars, except one – SAAB! Based solely on the aesthetic appearance of this “weird looking” vehicle, it was the only car for which he had zero affection. All that changed when his aunt purchased a new 1985 SAAB c900T Sedan, dressed in Colorado Red Leather and wrapped in Silver Metallic. It took less than 1 minute of absorbing the atypical interior and all of 10 seconds to feel the power, torque and turbo spool, to make him a devout SAABer for life! A true SAAB Ambassador, Allan has made SAAB a lifestyle choice for 30+ years: founding the Virginia SAAB Driving Club, co-founding the SAAB Club Classic 900 Collection and being active in local SAAB clubs.


Current SAABs:
2003 9-3 SE w/Viggen Pkg., Dolphin Grey
2001 9-3 Viggen Cabrio, Black
2000 9-3 SE HOT Cabrio, Black
1996 NG900 SE Cabrio, Sky Blue Metallic
1996 9000 Aero, Black
1994 c900 CE Cabrio, Nova Black Metallic
1992 c900T 3 door, Cirrus White
1991 c900 SPG, Black
1990 c900T 3 door JetPack, Talladega Red
1990 c900S 3 door JetPack, Malachite Green Metallic
1989 c900T 3 door, Edwardian Grey Metallic
1989 c900 SPG, Black
1988 c900 SPG, Edwardian Grey Metallic
1988 c900 SPG, Edwardian Grey Metallic
1988 c900 Springtime in Sweden Cabrio, Black
1986 c900 SPG Monte Carlo Yellow

Previous SAABs:
1991 9000T 5 door, Black
1987 c900S Sedan, Embassy Blue
1986 c900 Base Sedan, Embassy Blue
1983 c900T Sedan, Walnut Brown Metallic