9s 378

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9s 378 – Jul-Sep 2024


  • 2 President’s Letter by Shelly Baxter
  • 3 Editor’s Letter by Greg Abbott
  • 4 Saab WIS Online by Jim Hickstein
  • 6 The Cabrio That Might Have Saved Saab by Marcus Bergfeldt
  • 8 Emily GT Deal Collapses by Greg Abbott
  • 10 Nine Questions by Jon Kjaerulff, President, Northwest Saab Owners Club | Jon Desenberg, President, Central Penn Saab Club
  • 12 Canadian Recipe for Swedish “Meet” Balls by Christopher ‘Saabfaans’ Jones
  • 14 Saab Shots
  • 16 Saabs@Carlisle 2024 by Mark Welker
  • 17 SOC41
  • 18 From Harrisburg to Sturgis and Back to Detail Saabs?
  • 18 Oil Technology Over the Years by Lynn Shaffer
  • 20 Lazarus 9-5 by Carl Levine
  • 22 Learning to Fly in a Saab 900 by Evan Acuna
  • 24 Candidates For New Board Positions
  • 28 Saab Club Info
  • 29 Future Events

President’s Letter

by Michelle Baxter

Hello fellow SAABers!

Every Spring a SAABaholic’s thoughts turn towards getting their cars out of winter storage. We love keeping them safe from snow and salt, but nothing is quite as sweet as the first drive of the season on a warm, spring day.

It’s no surprise then that spring is the time of year where we start to see a lot of events pop up all over the country. The snow is melting, daffodils are blooming, and somewhere an open road is calling to your SAAB. What type of SAAB adventures do you have planned for this year? Are you heading to the West Coast for the Convention? Are you hitting any local meets in your area? Are you working on rebuilding your favorite SAAB? Or heading on a road trip? Or just enjoying driving your SAAB locally?

We here at SCNA want to hear from you! Tell us what makes your SAAB an adventure magnet. Is it visiting friends? Going bird watching? Putting your SAAB on a track? What is your SAAB story? What makes a SAAB Owner…a SAAB Owner?

There are also a million stories of road-side repairs, clever solutions to unusual problems, and the like. We’d love to share with our readers how you managed to MacGyver your way around a weird or unusual repair issue. Creativity is in our DNA! If we didn’t like the challenge we wouldn’t own a Saab.

As we head into the second quarter of the year, I find myself wondering what makes the quirky car so important, in so many ways, to so many different types of people. If you feel like sharing your story with the rest of us SAABoholics, please send it in to nineseditor@saabclub.com

The connections, conversation and fun of being in the Saab family put a smile on our faces, especially when we need one. Whether it’s online, in the magazine, or in person at a meet-up or the national convention, it’s always great to connect with our Saab friends.

As always,

Keep on SAABin’!

Shelly Baxter

SCNA President