9s 373

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Nines 373 – Apr-Jun 2023


  • 2 President’s Letter
  • 3 SOC Goes to Chicago by Ian Cudny
  • 7 The Spkyer Saga by Evan Acuna
  • 10 9 Questions by Bret Sassaman & Jenny Sassaman
  • 13 Dinner and a Museum by Lynn Shaffer
  • 13 K Saabs Unite by Sanford Bogage
  • 14 Saab Shots
  • 16 Endless Saabs by Amy Klene
  • 18 Arizona Gathering by Jacob Pretzman
  • 19 Volunteer Program by Mark Welker
  • 20 Track Day SOC2023 by Shelly Baxter
  • 22 SCNA Board Elections 2023
  • 23 Saab Club Info
  • 24 End of an Era by Jerry Danner
  • 27 Sports Car Service by Carolann Pampuch
  • 29 Future Events

President’s Letter

by Sanford Bogage

Dear SCNA Members,

Just last week I heard from a member who couldn’t recall whether or not she had renewed her membership, but she was having a problem with her car and had a question for the club. Multiple times a month, we receive inquiries with Saab related questions, a car someone would like to buy or sell, or a part they are searching for. In the last few years, the Saab Club has connected dozens of car buyers and sellers; we helped facilitate the sale of surplus parts from Europe to be sold here in the US; we have assisted countless members find solutions to lost key or ECU issues; and this represents just a few examples. These are the things that continue to make Saab something different, something more than simply a car brand.

All our community activity not only saves a Saab here and there, but also passes along the passion and commitment to a new generation of owners. Interest in Saab by younger drivers has been inspired by Saab YouTube creators and others (helped by the fact that later 9-3 and 9-5 models are now more affordable). I was excited to see that Saab Original Parts North America just introduced a new radio for the 2007-2011 9-3 and 2006-09 9-5 that offers a more modern audio system and upgraded Bluetooth audio with Apple Play and Android Auto. This important technology upgrade will help make the cars more desirable to a younger, more connected group of buyers.

Outside of 9s and our growing electronic footprint, the main event of SCNA is the annual Saab Owners Convention (SOC). This summer, July 20th to 23rd, we are hosting the 40th Jubilee edition of SOC just outside of Chicago, in Oak Brook, Illinois, as well as hosting a track event the day before, on Wednesday, July 19th. The track event will be held at the beautiful Autobahn Country Club, which despite its name is not a golf club, but a purpose-built motorsports club. With gourmet food, a luxurious clubhouse and even a professional go-kart track, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

The excitement of the Chicago Saab Owners Club is contagious, and the SCNA Board and the Chicago club are excited to be working together to plan the track day and many other memorable events. Check this issue for more information about the Chicago Jubilee, Celebrating 40 Saab Owners Conventions.


Sanford Bogage
SCNA President