9s 370

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Nines 370 – Jul-Sep 2022


  • 2 President’s Letter
  • 3 SOC 2022 Info
  • 4 Virginia Meet & Greet
  • 5 2nd Annual Saab Takeover
  • 6 Tangled Up In Green by Evan Acuna
  • 8 SOC 2022 Photo Contest
  • 9 Saabs Online
  • 10 9 Questions by 9s Editorial Team
  • 12 SAABS @ Carlisle
  • 12 Museum Trivia Contest
  • 14 SAAB Shots
  • 16 SADIE by Kelly Conaty
  • 20 Saab Shops by Roger Harris
  • 22 Missing Heritage Cars
  • 23 SOC 2007 A SAAB ODYSSEY by Linnea Krajewski
  • 25 Saab Club Info
  • 26 Tech Tips by Jake Tilton
  • 29 Future Events

President’s Letter

by Sanford Bogage

Dear SCNA Members,

In early May, I was able to visit the Saab Heritage Car Museum USA in Sturgis along with a few other SCNA board members and friends. The museum was happy to welcome the arrival of one of the Aspen police cars, on loan from Sports Car Service in Wilmington, DE. We spent a few days with Tom, Patti and the eSaabparts crew as we continue to work out the details for SOC 2022 in July. This year, I had the honor of giving the first tour of the season to a Dutch father and son (pictured) who were knocking on the door eager to see the cars inside. Most museum visitors are struck not only by the facility, but by the stories, videos and pictures of the vehicles as well as the passion of what the Donneys, along with help from members of the Saab community, have created. Let yourself catch the dream and find out how you might continue to help strengthen and support the museum.

The beauty of the Black Hills is ever present. Although there was still some snow on the ground leftover from a snowstorm in late April, things are starting to warm up and the town is beginning to wake up and get ready for the summer tourist season. I have written some articles with a few suggested drives or places to visit, but there are so many options that I urge you to do some of your own research as you venture out to explore this unique landscape. With the convention happening at the museum and other events taking place in Deadwood, you should take the scenic drive from Sturgis to Deadwood at least once. From the museum, instead of taking a left towards Sturgis proper, take a right and head up Vanocker Canyon Rd towards the tiny town of Nemo. At the end of that road, take a right onto Nemo Rd and that will take you out to 385 and eventually 85 back towards Deadwood. This whole ride is about 45 minutes compared to the 20-25 minutes going the main route, but it is well worth the drive at least once or twice. I do suggest watching out for wildlife, as parts of this road traverse the Black Hills National Forest, and deer and other animal sightings are commonplace.

If you are able to arrive early, you should try to join us on Wednesday and Thursday as we will be organizing a few drives to some of the most popular local sites. On Wednesday, we will gather early at the museum and head to Devil’s Tower to explore this unique and famous geological formation and National Monument. On Thursday, we will gather early at the museum and head to Mt. Rushmore for a visit and group photo before continuing onto a scenic and informative tour organized by a fellow SCNA member and geologist who has mapped out some interesting and spectacular stops as we circle back to the museum to begin our 75th anniversary celebration.

Thanks for being part of SCNA, and I hope to see you at SOC 2022 or another one of the future summer and fall events.


Sanford Bogage