9s 368

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Nines 368 – Jan-Mar 2022


  • 2 President’s Letter
  • 3 Letter to the Editor
  • 4 LandJet by Dan Haugh
  • 6 Vintage Racing at Put-in-Bay by Tim Winker
  • 9 Saabs Online
  • 10 9 Questions by 9s Editorial Team
  • 12 Renaissance Rally Driver by Linnea Krajewski
  • 14 SAAB Shots by Rich Chenet
  • 16 Viggen Automotive by Roger S. Harris
  • 18 Changes Are Coming by Kelly Conaty
  • 20 75th Anniversary by Kelly Conaty
  • 23 SOC 2022 Hotel
  • 24 NEVS Finally Pulls the Plug by Greg Abbott
  • 25 Market Watch by Jan Gravley
  • 26 Talimena Scenic Byway by Sanford Bogage
  • 27 Saab Club Info
  • 28 Tech Tips by Kelly Conaty
  • 29 Future Events

President’s Letter

by Sanford Bogage

Just like one of those holiday themed car commercials featuring at least one bright red model in front of the pack, here at SCNA ‘tis the season for Saabs in some of our favorite shades of red. I recently acquired a very low mileage 2005 Chili Red 9-3 sport sedan, and our Treasurer Jim also found a rare Laser Red 2009 XWD Aero Combi. Coincidentally enough, Jim’s new combi was sold by someone who lives in my neighborhood, so I recently found myself buzzing along I-90 in a shiny red Saab, like Santa on the way to deliver this “present” to a new owner.

Wherever you find yourself this year, on behalf of the SCNA board we hope that you are able to spend some quality time with family and friends. In addition, may all of your Saabs be well, either running, safely stored away for the winter, or at least with progress being made on the latest project! In early November, the New England Saab Facebook group organized one last fall get together before the salt and snow hits our local roads. Not only was the turnout strong with over twenty cars, but we had an array of vehicles ranging from 1973 through 2011. Typically, the local turnout skews to newer 9-3 and 9-5 vehicles, so it was refreshing to see an array of vintage cars out and about as well.

This issue of 9s marks our first full year of producing and printing the club magazine as an editorial group among members of our board. I would like to thank Greg Abbott for his help and guidance as Editor in Chief, as well as the many board members and club members who are putting in the hours to solicit and edit articles, consult in content and graphic design, or otherwise volunteer their time to bring you a high quality publication. Thanks as well to our strong and growing group of contributors, either behind the camera or computer screen, bringing you news, tips and information that celebrates and is also helpful to the Saab community.

In this issue as well as online, you will find updated information about SOC 2022. This year, we are teaming up with the Saab Heritage Car Museum USA, and together we will be hosting an event at and around the museum in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. While the daily events will take place at and around the Saab Heritage Museum, for Friday and Saturday dinner we have chosen the beautiful Deadwood Lodge, where there are rooms available at a reasonable rate. Other options are available, so continue to check our web site at saabconvention.com for the latest room and registration options. Showfield space will be limited this year, and we plan on having registration open earlier than usual. Look for me in my Chili Red sport sedan!

Thank you,

Sanford Bogage

President, SCNA