SCNA 2020 UNconvention Has Started!!

The UNconvention 2020 will be “held” (in the virtual world) from Aug 10-20, 2020. As described in the latest issue of NINES, this is a fun, tongue-in-cheek way of making up for the cancelled SOC!

Limited Edition Tshirts and Rally Plates will be available for purchase. Only 99 units of each will be made!

In addition, we will be presenting awards in 3 categories (to keep it fun, these are opposites of our usual SOC categories) as follows:

“DESTRUCTION” award: This will be presented for a Saab that was destroyed in the oddest way (NO accidents or harm to anyone please, only Saabs that were lost due to a twist of fate)

     Please send up to 3 pictures, along with a brief description of the occurrence, along with owner’s name/year/model/location to:

“UNclair” award: This will be presented to the worst-looking (but still daily operational) c900 Convertible or SPG

    Please send up to 3 pictures, along with owner’s name/year/mileage/location to:

“MATURE Enthusiast” award: This will be given to a dedicated and passionate SCNA member over 55 who is keeping the “Saab love” alive

    Please send up to 3 pictures (including one of yourself or the person you might wish to nominate) along with car/fleet information and location to: