SOC21 Photo Contest

Celebrate SAAB and show us your finest photographs!

Sponsored by: The Rocky Mountain Saab Club of Colorado

General Information:

Awards will be presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.

A member(s) of The Rocky Mountain Saab Club of Colorado (RMSC) will select an unbiased judge(s) at the convention to determine the winners. All decisions are final. Submit all entries to the registration table for display starting as early as Thursday during the convention. Winners will be announced at the Saturday Awards Banquet.

Regarding the “best Saab Fleet” presentation, SOC staff may mount photographs on foam boards or you may build your own board (foam core preferred) not to exceed 24″x36″. A limited number of boards will be available. We encourage you to supply these if possible (See example shown). Photographs will not be returned unless you pick them up at the conclusion of the convention by 10:00 am that Sunday.

Please note that SCNA or RMSC Staff/Members are not responsible for lost or damage items.


SOC18 Photo Contest example

SOC 2021 “Best Saab Photograph” Rules:

If a person or group won 1st Place at last year’s SOC, that person or group is not eligible to win 1st Place in the following year’s SOC. The person or group may still enter and be eligible for 2nd or 3rd place.

Enter a photograph in any or all of the following categories:

1) “Saab Portrait” – Typically a staged, formal picture (landscape, post car detailing) 

2) “Saab Impressionistic” – Something that really says ~Saab~ (creativity is key)

3) “Saab Selfie!” – Candid fun! (include yourself, your pet or other “quirky” item in the picture)

Please limit the size of your photographs to a maximum of 11X14 inches. We encourage participants to provide their own easel if at all possible.

Entry slips will be available for you to list your Name, Registration No. and Category. Feel free to include any titles or “fun facts” to display with the photograph(s).

SOC 2021 “Best Saab Fleet” Rules:

Your fleet must have at least two Saab vehicles.

All vehicles must be currently owned by one individual or one family. Saabs registered to businesses, collections, or museums are not allowed. Judges may request evidence of current registration.

If you won First Place in this competition in the previous year, to be eligible for the competition this year, you must enter at least one car that was not part of your previous entry or provide evidence your vehicle(s) has undergone substantial changes or restorations since the last evaluation.

Submit photographs of all the cars in a group or individually. The presentation should not be larger than 24″x36″.

Submit any questions regarding this competition to: