SCNA Election 2021

EDIT: Our newly-elected Board members for 2021 are:

G Sanford Bogage, President
Daniel Cahill, Vice President
Greg Abbott, Director
Kelly Conaty MD, Director
Michele Gorenflo, Director
Jan Gravley, Director
Kevin Mulcahy, Director

Continuing their terms:

Mark Welker, Secretary
Jim Hickstein, Treasurer
Michelle Baxter, Director
Allan Holmes, Director

Pursuant to our bylaws, we hold an election for our Board of Directors annually at our Convention. This year’s election will be at 9:00 am EDT, Friday, July 16, 2021, in a room to be announced. Active members can submit an absentee ballot by postal mail. Further information is printed on that ballot.

Positions Open in 2021:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Director (5 seats)

There are 5 Director seats even though only two current Directors’ terms are expiring, because we had two open seats previously and recently expanded the total by one, to eleven.

Candidate statements

G Sanford Bogage, Somerville, MA (President—Incumbent)

Current term 2019-2021. First elected 2015. Sanford caught the Saab bug when he was stung by a bright yellow Saab 96 that used to drive around his hometown when he was young. Miraculously, at age 20, the elderly owner gave him that car, and he has been passionate about Saabs ever since. Not only the way they drive, but the entire Saab community is what keeps him hooked on Saabs. As SCNA President, there have been opportunities to connect with many Saab enthusiasts, and the shared bond of Saab “people” around the world is probably the most fascinating thing about the brand.

Daniel Cahill, Richardson, TX (Vice President—Incumbent)

Current term 2019-2021.  First elected VP 2017, Director 2012. Originally from Canada, Daniel began his love affair with Saabs in elementary school when his science teacher rolled up in a shiny new 900 SPG. The 3-spoke alloys and whale-wing made quite an impression on him—it was love at first sight! He remains very passionate about keeping the brand alive by helping owners source parts and connecting people in the community. He runs Saab Fans From Texas, bringing owners together to celebrate their favorite Swedes! Daniel understands that quirky Saabs are certainly not for everyone, yet essential to some!

Greg Abbott, Minneapolis, MN (Director—Incumbent)

Current term 2019-2021. First elected 2015. Greg is also SCNA Legal Counsel, and has served as SOC official photographer since 2006. He bought his first Saab (Emerald Green ’75 99 hatch) in 1989, as an emergency replacement for a wrecked Chevy Impala.  The handling, steering feedback, and utility of the cars was eye-opening. Despite the “Automatic” badge on that first Saab, Greg quickly concluded Saab virtues were best expressed in manual form. After a decade of driving Saabs, Greg was thunderstruck to discover that there were local and national Saab clubs, and even (gasp) an annual convention of Saab Owners!  Greg’s first SOC was 2005, and he has served twice as president of the Minnesota Saab Club, 2008-2012, and 2016-2020.

Jan Gravley, Roeland Park, KS (Director—Incumbent)

Current term 2019-2021. First elected 2017. Jan’s love of Saabs started in the late ‘70s while working in the high country of Colorado as a ski instructor—the Police Department and her Norwegian boss drove Saabs so she knew she would soon own one of those crazy, cool turbocharged, FWD, key-in-the-console, Swedish Saabs. She now owns 4 Saabs (3 running and 1 lawn ornament). She worked in the auto industry in many varied roles, from assembly line to sales. She lives with her saint of a husband in the Kansas City area, and her hobbies include gardening, reading, attending and organizing Saab meets, and shopping for more Saabs.

Kelly Conaty, Vestavia Hills, AL

Kelly is a retired Pediatric Anesthesiologist who is also retired from the US Navy with 20+ years of service in USN and 7 years in the USCG. He was always a lover of cars, but a busy professional life precluded serious hobby until life slowed down a bit in the 2000’s. Kelly came onto the Saab scene in 2014 at the urging of an old Coast Guard buddy and after transitioning from reconditioning Volvo 240’s. As the supply of decent 240’s dried up he purchased his first Saab in 2014–quickly followed by 5 more! Kelly has a particular interest is in interior refurbishment, focusing on leather seat care and repair. He enjoys DIY projects that rejuvenate interiors but leaves serious heavy-duty mechanical work to others.

Benjamin Davis, Chicago, IL

Ben has been passionate about cars all his life; from the ripe young age of three, he could identify cars based on the sound they made passing by his bedroom window. Living around the college town of Berkeley, California, exposed Ben to many a c900, with its wrap-around windshield, sloping tailgate, and distinctly 80’s rubber spoiler, so the seed was planted. Years passed, and as a young adult, Ben studied product design. He came to find rekindled interest in the iconic SAAB 900 Turbo and its innovative Swedish manufacturer. Later, Ben and his wife Jo would acquire their very own 900 and started to plug into the friendly and welcoming community of SAAB enthusiasts. Today, Ben’s passion for all things Saab includes connecting to fellow owners, restoring and maintaining his own cars, and developing his own brand to produce 3D-printed SAAB parts and merchandise. 

Michele Gorenflo, Louisville, TN

Michele has always been a car girl. At 16, her first car was a restored ‘66 Chevelle, she spent most of her graduation money on new wheels and tires! 16 years later her best friend told her about a guy she should meet–he had a lot of Saabs. Being a muscle car girl, she said: ”What’s a Saab?” Only one drive and she was hooked! 3 Saabs later, she married Jeff (the guy with all the Saabs)! She attended her first SOC in 2015, wondering if it would be a week of snooty people, but she was pleasantly surprised, and hasn’t missed one since. Michele feels the Saab community is more like a family and SOC a family reunion. Michele feels she can add a fresh perspective to the Board and would be happy to help keep our Saab community alive.

Kevin Mulcahy, Wendell, NC

Kevin Mulcahy is a 30-year Saab, GM, and ASE master technician and is the owner and head technician of Superior Performance Auto. He began working on cars at the age of 16, discovering his passion for Saabs when he worked at a Hyannis Saab Dealership in 1990. Over the next 20 years he refined his specialty with consistent training provided by Saab and GM. In 2014, after Saab shut down, Kevin decided to start Swedish Performance and Parts, where he continued to provide Saab service and repairs in his own “backyard” garage. Kevin continues to run this business (renamed Superior Performance Auto) in Wendell, North Carolina. Superior Performance is a Saab Official Service Center that not only specializes in Saab but also services GM and other European and American vehicles. Kevin is excited to continue the Saab legacy by providing services, parts, and technical help for all Saab owners. He feels that being on the SCNA board would allow him to share his personal knowledge and passion for Saab as well as to meet and learn from more of the SCNA community.

Tony Northcut, Louisville, KY

Since birth Tony has loved cars. He still has every matchbox car he’s ever owned! Tony is a former autocrosser and enjoys attending all kinds of auto shows displaying old and new and is a big fan of anything unusual or obscure, which makes him a perfect match for Saab! His Saab obsession began while hanging at the mall with friends in Louisville, KY when he was 16. A brand-new Cherry Red 1987 900 3-door that was on display caught his eye and captured his heart. He’s been in love with Saabs ever since. Tony has owned many c900s, as well as other Saab models. He hopes to serve on the SCNA board, bringing his quirky but influential personality and ideas to the team and to future events.

W. Todd Tribell, Quitman, AR

Todd was drawn to the SAAB community, having been told he would like it, but due to his experiences with other brand’s car clubs, he thought he might not. Through the Saab 900 Facebook page, to his great surprise, he has grown to adore the people that make this such a unique community. It is one of the only places Todd has “visited” since moving back stateside that isn’t divided by politics, wealth, religion, birthright or anything – unless you bring Volvo into the conversation! Todd feels his value to SCNA stems from having run a number of different small/medium-sized international corporations and from his experience executing mission statements of those entities. He has broad experience in management/administration, finance, marketing and day-to-day operations. Todd is ready to roll up his sleeves and serve to contribute to building a stronger community, something he personally finds as bringing value to SAAB owners.