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Nines 365 – Jul-Sep 2021


  • 2  Editor’s Letter
  • 3  President’s Letter
  • 4  Saabs Make a Splash by Tim Winker
  • 7 MN Saab Tradition by Jack Sabba
  • 8 Runway Model by Mark McCourt
  • 13  Market Watch : Special Sauce by Jan Gravley
  • 14  SAAB Shots by Karis Nix
  • 16  A Road Trip Adventure by Linnea Krajewski
  • 17  Saab Takeover by Gary Lewis
  • 18 Concours d’Saab by Bruce Harbison
  • 20  SAABs Online
  • 21 Saab Club Info
  • 22 Saab+Aircraft+Engines by Bob Miller
  • 24 Endless Mountain Jamboree by Amy Klene
  • 26 Saabs at Put-in-Bay by Tim Winker
  • 27  Saab Owners’ Convention 2022
  • 29  Future Events

President’s Letter

Dear SCNA Members,

These past few months, I have attended a number of Saab and automotive-related events. It has been refreshing to see people again, and like many of us, I am ready and eager to reconnect with people and attend new events as well. A video posted recently on the SCNA YouTube channel documents a recent meet up in Fall River, MA which had great weather and a strong turnout. These informal meets, usually organized by young and enthusiastic 9-3 or 9-5 owners, feature newer modified vehicles and less original or restored older cars. Just last month, I took my classic 900 to a meet, and it was one of the only vehicles there that was more than 20 years old (and definitely the only vehicle over 30 years old).

One of the traditional large kick-off events of the year is in Carlisle, PA, and is organized by the Central Penn Saab Club. Saabs@Carlisle is always well attended, and this year was no exception. One thing that I enjoy about Carlisle is that there is a healthy collection of older and vintage Saabs to enjoy, but this year I noticed more modified and tuned vehicles as well.

A good example of this divide is father and son Jim and Evan Hutchings. Jim brought one of the oldest unrestored Saabs you will ever see, a 1955 92b deluxe. In direct contrast, his son Evan attended with his heavily modified 2007 9-5 Combi with wide tires, a stage 3 tune, 3” exhaust modifications, coil overs and much more. At a modern Saab meet up, car show or Owners’ Convention, you are sure to see both the extremes and everything in between.

If you decide to attend SOC 2021 in Albany, NY, you can expect to see this contrast in the Saab community. We all share the same passion for our cars, but it manifests itself in very different ways. Don’t forget to check our web site saabclub.com for new features and links as well as an expanded store for SCNA merchandise. As always, SCNA remains committed to supporting Saab enthusiasts, drivers and service providers by providing relevant content and enhanced member benefits.


Sanford Bogage

President, Saab Club of North America