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Nines 352 – April-June 2018


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President’s Letter – April-June 2018
Dear SCNA Members,

Myself and some of our other board members recently returned from our site visit to the site of SOC 2018 in Solomons Island, Maryland. Make sure to look up Solomons Island on a map to understand the unique location of the Holiday Inn Conference Center and Marina. Traditionally, SOC begins on Thursday evening with the Sponsor’s Appreciation Dinner. This year, we have two exciting events taking place on the days leading up to SOC, so if you can get some time off, I strongly urge you to begin planning to leave for SOC early on Wednesday, August 8.
Located in Wilmington, Delaware, Sports Car Service has been racing, collecting and servicing Saab’s for over 50 years. They have a large facility, and as you can imagine have amassed a treasure trove of rare Saab vehicles, parts and memorabilia. Plan on coming to an open house on Wednesday, August 8th in the afternoon. If you are driving down from New York or New England, it is worth a stop in Delaware. You may find that rare part you need, and will enjoy seeing the impressive collection of museum quality cars, including some of the vehicles formerly part of the GM Heritage Collection. The hotel is just a few hours drive from Wilmington, and we’ll give you a great route that avoids major highways and takes you through the beautiful Maryland countryside
On Thursday morning, August 9, we take off for a few laps around the race track! Thanks to the support of local volunteers and friends of Saab, we will be offering a track day at the Dominion Speedway in Woodford, VA. Dominion offers a variety of driving opportunities form a challenging road course and oval track with a separate go cart track for those over the age of sixteen. Check our convention web site in April for details and information about these events, culminating in the weekend celebration of everything Saab and all Saab cars from the precious vintage prototypes through the final modern models.


Sanford Bogage

President, Saab Club of North America