Convention FAQ – Saab Owners’ Convention 2021

  1. Where is the Saab Owners’ Convention this year?
    • Albany, New York, at The Desmond Albany Hotel, just a few miles north of Interstate 90 and reachable from everywhere. The Albany airport is very close.
  2. Where will it be next year?
    • Come to the Saturday awards dinner at this year’s Convention, where we will announce the details. For now, pencil in the dates: July 21-23, 2022, in Sturgis, SD. We move every year and try to move far and fast, so everyone gets a chance to attend.
  3. How can I register?
  4. Do I need a ticket?
    • You need to pay for a registration (which is separate from a hotel room!), but we do not print or mail paper tickets. Just come to the Registration desk when you arrive (and we’re open) and we will have your name tag and other materials ready.
  5. Why can’t I register more than one person?
    • You can! It’s just not obvious at first. After you fill in all the details for the first person, hit Save Registrant, and then in the pop-up you can Add Another Registrant (up to 10) or Continue to Billing.
  6. Can I bring my spouse/family?
    • Yes, of course! There are several options for a couple or family, depending on how involved in the Convention they want to be:
    • Full registration times 2 (or more). Use the same online form, and after you “Save Registrant”, the next page has an “Add Another Registrant” option (next to “Continue to Billing”).
    • Full registration with kids meals, for a discounted price.
    • Event Pass: a two-day pass is available, that includes entry to the event, and for a car in the competitions, t-shirt (sizes as available) etc, but none of the meals.
    • Companion Dinner: With one full registration, you can add up to 3 tickets for the Saturday night awards banquet, and 3 for Friday dinner. Call this the “family of four with one Saab” option.
  7. Do I have to be a member to attend?
    • Yes, every transaction must include one active SCNA member. A $10 trial-membership fee that includes one issue of Nines, our quarterly magazine, will be added if you are not already a member. A transaction can include up to 10 people, only one of whom must be a member. (It’s a tax thing.)
  8. I already booked my hotel room. I’m done, right?
    • No, the hotel room, while available at a discounted rate for our event, is separate from the Convention. You must register for the Convention in one place, and book your hotel room in another; sorry. Please do not come to the Convention having only made a hotel reservation: we will probably sell out of all the banquet meals weeks in advance.
  9. I registered for the Convention, but it didn’t ask me what kind of hotel room I wanted. I’m done, right?
    • No, the hotel room, while available at a discounted rate for our event, is separate from the Convention. You must register for the Convention in one place, and book your hotel room in another; sorry. Please do not bring your Convention name tag to the hotel desk and expect it to get you a room.
  10. How does breakfast work this year?
    • Your full registration includes two tickets, good for our private breakfast, one each on Saturday and Sunday only. Breakfast is not included in your room rate, but the hotel restaurant does a full range of breakfast offerings, so you could do that on Friday, on your own.
  11. Are pets welcome?
    • The hotel has a pet policy that does permit some pets, within certain limits, for guests in the hotel.
  12. Why is it so expensive? Must I pay to attend?
    • It costs us a lot of money. Banquet meals in the hotel are top quality, buffet-style, chef-prepared meals. And the meeting rooms and other spaces we use are only available to us if we meet certain obligations, filling hotel rooms and a minimum of food and beverage. Please stay in the convention hotel! It’s the easiest way to have fun and not have to drive afterward; and it enables us to continue to put on this event.
    • SOC is a private event, not open to the general public. You must be an SCNA member, or guest of one, to attend. But a 3-month trial membership is only $10.
  13. When will day passes be available, and how much will they cost?
    • Two-day Event Passes are available for advance sale this year.
  14. Can I buy just Friday/Saturday dinner?
    • With each paid full registration (which includes 5 meals), you can add the optional Companion Dinner, for up to four guests. We cannot sell all the meals separately, because it wouldn’t be fair: many other costs are shared among all the registered attendees and the sponsors. Kids under 13 may register at a reduced price.
  15. Must I pay for a room in the hotel to attend the Convention?
    • No. All Convention attendees may (strictly speaking) occupy the conference center: meeting rooms and ballrooms, parking lot, and the public areas of the hotel; during our event hours, not overnight. We pay for that out of the money we collect for registrations. Admittance to the banquet meals (in certain ballrooms or other spaces) is limited to those who bought meals, the Full Registration or Companion tickets.
    • We encourage you to stay in the convention hotel, for your convenience (and our commitment to filling the hotel). Use the booking link on the main Convention page.
  16. Can I camp on the grounds of the hotel?
    • No, but there are some campgrounds nearby. We will be working on details of that.
  17. What time does the Convention start?
    • The optional Sponsor Appreciation Dinner is at 6 pm EDT on Thursday; registration will be open at 3 pm for that. The main event starts at 9:00 am Friday, but the car wash area will be open earlier. After the awards dinner on Saturday night the event proper is done: we have no official events on Sunday this year.
  18. What time does the track event start?
    • Plan to arrive by 10:00 am. A group will be leaving the Desmond at about 8:30. The track is about 1 hour 15 minutes from the Desmond.
  19. Is lunch included in the track fee?
    • No, but we’re working on bringing in a food truck where you can buy lunch.