Shelly Baxter

Shelly Baxter, Director

Springfield, MO

Shelly was brought home in her parent’s 1976 Saab 99 GLE, affectionately named “Sally Saab”. As a child she was brought to work every day at her parent’s Saab shop, where she learned to ask a lot of questions. Shelly also spent a lot of time going to the racetrack with her Dad.  At age 12, she “borrowed” her Mom’s Saab (a 1980 900T that had a FEW modifications done to it) and taught herself to drive a manual transmission. Shelly’s passion for Saab grew even more the day she was legally allowed to drive. Shelly grew up attending Saab events—both those hosted by her local club and SOC’s all over the country. The quirkiness of the Saab community led to meeting highly unique individuals that have now become a part of her extended Saab family. While in college and working full-time at the shop, she founded the Saab Club of Atlanta, which has extended her Saab family even further. She was a second-generation Saab shop owner working to keep her favorite brand and drivers “still finding their own road” until April of 2022. She now lives in Springfield, MO and still works in the Saab community as a member of the team at Genuine Saab.  

Current Saabs:
1967 96
1974 Sonett
1982 900T
1995 9000 Aero
2002 9-5 Aero Wagon (Tuned by GS)
2006 9-5

Past Saabs:
Too many to list.