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November/December 2006

SCNA News November/December 2006

President's Letter

It's already been two months ehh.. time flies when .. well I guess when you get close to 50.. oh .. right.. SAAB stuff.. ok..

Your Board of Directors voted last month to determine which of the three groups who had offered to put on the Owner's Convention for 2007 would get to have those long conversations wee into the night followed by headaches and cursing. The winners were the Great Lakes SAAB Club. As of this writing they are looking at dates in August and should have that firmed up by the time you are reading this issue and the event will be held in Michigan probably close to GM's Heritage Collection. Should be a good time as it is SAABs 60th anniversary!

September/October 2006

SCNA News September/October 2006

President's Letter

WOW! If you weren't there, you missed a GREAT convention. One where Jay Spenchian offered the employee pricing to anyone who attended if they buy a new Saab in September -- no, he really did that -- it was really neat. He also brought this fine silver car, called the Aero X. But first my apology:

During the Awards Banquet when I named the folks that were there from the SCNA that had done so much work, I neglected to name Ed Smith until after everyone was getting ready to leave and I noticed Ed picking up the dyno board. It was a combination of an honest mistake and a little stage fright. I apologized to Ed but I want everyone to know that he EARNED the title "Dyno Ed" and if not for him there would not have been the amazing Dyno/Vendor area at the SOC this year. I want to apologize one more time to Ed. I’m terribly sorry, Ed.

July/August 2006

SCNA News July/August 2006

President's Letter

Hmm. Time for another letter to the masses and i have precious little to say. Let me hit some high points that come to mind:

The convention is fast approaching and rooms are being reserved now. I would do the same, reserve now! It’s a very nice location as I understand it.

No, there are no registration materials out yet (June 6th) nor is the Web site registration up and running. We are waiting to hear from the event organizer but I am certain that the information will be available shortly.

May/June 2006

SCNA News May/June 2006

President's Letter

We have good news and bad news . . . Which do you want first?

Never mind. You see the good news below. We have a Saab Owner's Convention in the works! See the details below. It should be fun! Now the bad news. Several members of our board have decided not to continue for the next year. So we need some folks to help! Thanks to all the outgoing board memebers for all the help they have offered to the Saab community over the last several years.

March/April 2006

SCNA News March/April 2006

President's Letter

Happy New Year!
No, it's not original but it's a start.
Let me tell you what the SCNA is up to....

The Central Pennsylvania SAAB Club has agreed to sponsor the 2006 Saab Owner's Convention. At present, February 1, they do not have a firm contract but they do have assurances that everything will work out just fine. Since there is no contract in hand I am reluctant to tell you the date, but what have I got to lose? The TENTATIVE date and location are the 4th weekend of August in Hershey, PA.

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