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May/June 2006

SCNA News May/June 2006

President's Letter

We have good news and bad news . . . Which do you want first?

Never mind. You see the good news below. We have a Saab Owner's Convention in the works! See the details below. It should be fun! Now the bad news. Several members of our board have decided not to continue for the next year. So we need some folks to help! Thanks to all the outgoing board memebers for all the help they have offered to the Saab community over the last several years.

March/April 2006

SCNA News March/April 2006

President's Letter

Happy New Year!
No, it's not original but it's a start.
Let me tell you what the SCNA is up to....

The Central Pennsylvania SAAB Club has agreed to sponsor the 2006 Saab Owner's Convention. At present, February 1, they do not have a firm contract but they do have assurances that everything will work out just fine. Since there is no contract in hand I am reluctant to tell you the date, but what have I got to lose? The TENTATIVE date and location are the 4th weekend of August in Hershey, PA.

January/February 2006

SCNA News January/February 2006

President's Letter

Well, I'm still here. The expected palace coup did not materialize so -- on with the show!”

First, a few comments on what the Board of Directors has done over the last few months. We have had monthly meetings trying to bring the club up to speed and fix a few problems, to wit: the Web site is being updated as we speak, there is new information on the pages but there are still some gaps so if you have an article in mind and want to try it out let us know! The SOC 2006 date is still not set at this point in time. (Of course by the time you read this it may be so don’t panic or anything), we have streamlined the membership process and are trying to eliminate many problems we had in getting membership cards to new and renewing members in a timely fashion, we have removed the "membership only" option so that anyone who joins the SCNA also gets NINES (no, we don't get more money from it but we do get a faster response time with membership cards, etc.), we have had a blue ribbon committee report on centralizing the functions of the owners' convention so that each new convention doesn't have to reinvent the wheel, and some procedural stuff as well. We have also negotiated with the National Motorists Association for a discounted membership fee -- check out the ad on page 32.

November/December 2005

SCNA News November/December 2005

President's Letter

NO NEW TAXES! Well, it's worked for others and seems to be a thing for a president to say. That's me, the new president of the Saab Club of North America. Well, to be precise, I'm the interim president. OK, NO ONE ELSE WANTED THE JOB and I was on the phone so here I am.

As you may already know, I cannot influence how Saab designs their cars or how they market them or what the dealer sells them for. All I can do is to try to keep the SCNA moving forward so that we can begin to offer services like the larger marque car clubs. And I would like to see that happen.

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