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President's Letter - September/October 2012

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

No, the world has not come to an end, and the Saab community is well and healthy. I know this because I have just spent a few days in Iowa City, Iowa, with some of the nicest people I know at the 2012 Saab Owners’ Convention. Annette, Marty, and all the Adams clan did a fantastic job of hosting one of the best SOCs I’ve ever attended.

The Heritage collection was well-represented, courtesy of Tom Donney, who included his record-setting Sonett fresh from Bonneville. Jerry Danner was in attendance with his usual enthusiasm and big smile. Gary Stottler, Nick Taliaferro, Chuck Andrews, and John Moss, my favorite auctioneer, made for a fun and informative time for all.

Two of our club’s most prestigious awards, the Larry “Stroker” Williams and the Bob Sinclair awards, were given to two most-deserving recipients - long-time racer Jack Lawrence and past SCNA President Lester Ewing. This is truly a new era. Rumor has it that SOC13 will be in the northeast, possibly upstate New York. Hope to see you there.

Ed Smith
Vice President, Saab Club of North America

President's Letter - July/August 2012

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

What an interesting time in the Saab world! As of this writing, the fate of Saab is still up in the air. Positive movement toward the purchase of Saab parts is being made and things are hopefully back to normal stock situations once this goes to press.

As for the sale of Saab Cars, progress is being made with a couple of buyers and final negotiations are still taking place. Who will be the ultimate winning bidder? What will that mean for Saab in the United States? We really won’t know until the final announcement is made.

What we do know is that Iowa will be the place to be in August. We’re anticipating a large crowd of Saab enthusiasts to descend upon Iowa City and take it by storm. Event planning is under way and registration is being taken at www.saabconvention.com. Also that weekend, we will be having our annual board meeting and election of officers. The official ballot can be found in the current issue of Nines. If you won’t be attending and want to cast your vote, please do so via the proxy bid. Bids can be mailed to the hotel for tabulation, they just need to arrive prior to August 3, 2012.

Personally, I can’t wait for August to be here! Since Iowa City is my home town, this is an especially exciting convention for me. Hope to see all of you there!

Annette Adams
President, Saab Club of North America

President's Letter - May/June 2012

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

This year's Saab Club of North America (SCNA) Officer and Board Member elections are scheduled for the annual SCNA business meeting at the owners' convention August 2 - 5, 2012. To prepare this year's slate of candidates, the Nominations Committee is seeking candidates from the membership for the following Board of Directors positions.

The Treasurer shall have the custody of all monies and securities of the corporation and shall keep regular books of account. The Treasurer shall disburse the funds of the corporation in payment of the just demands against the corporation or as may be ordered by the Board of Directors (taking proper vouchers for such disbursements) and shall render to the Board of Directors from time to time as may be required, an account of all transactions undertaken as Treasurer and of the financial condition of the corporation. The Treasurer shall perform such other duties as are incident to the office or are properly required by the Board of Directors. The Assistant Treasurer, or Assistant Treasurers, in the order designated by the Board of Directors, shall perform all of the duties of the Treasurer in the absence or disability of the Treasurer, and at other times may perform such other duties as are directed by the President or the Board of Directors.

The Secretary shall issue notices for all meetings, except for notices of special meetings the Board of Directors which are called by the requisite number of directors, shall keep minutes of all meetings, and compile copies of the minutes of all previous meetings filed in such a way as to be available for reference during meetings and at other times, shall have charge of the seal and the club books, and shall make such reports and perform such other duties as are incident to the office, or are properly required of the Secretary by the Board of Directors. The Assistant Secretary, or Assistant Secretaries, in the order designated by the Board of Directors, shall perform all of the duties of the Secretary, and at other times may perform such duties as are directed by the President or the Board of Directors.

The Parliamentarian advises the board on the proper use of Robert's Rules of Order.

Standing Board Members (i.e., non-officer directors):
Attends board meetings, chairs and/or participates in committees established by the board and supports the management of the affairs, property, and interests of SCNA as defined by policy and the SCNA bylaws. The term of this position runs two years. Two Standing Board Member positions are to be voted on.

Anyone who is a current SCNA member in good standing may run for the board. Please submit your name or the name of a candidate you would like to recommend to the Nominations Committee by May 22, 2012. The committee will review the qualifications of all candidates and will nominate a slate of candidates that will appear on the ballot. To propose yourself or someone else, include name, postal address, e-mail and phone number (whatever is known), and any comments reflecting qualifications for the position being sought.

or send to Annette Adams, 160 Escort Lane, Iowa City, IA 52240 to be received no later than May 22th. Questions may also be sent to the same address. Your support and enthusiasm for the SCNA are greatly appreciated.

Annette Adams
President, Saab Club of North America

President's Letter - March/April 2012

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

The Saab Club of North America is getting planning for the Saab Owners' Convention 2012. We need your help! Tell us what kind of events you want to see and we will do our best to incorporate as many of your ideas as possible. Survey links have been e-mailed to past attendees and there are links available on our Web site if you did not receive one. We’re looking for attendee opinions as well as non-attendee opinions. We can learn as much from those who did not attend as those who were able to join us.

As the climate of Saab is ever changing, uncertainty of what support (if any) we will be getting in the form of a parts tent, test drives, and other normal factory supplied support. At the time of this writing, there are five interested parties getting ready to make a bid for Saab in its entirety. We hope there is a successful bid and a quick recovery for the brand.

What we can do in the meantime is to make our club an informational hub for Saab owners. If a buyer for Saab in its entirety is not found, we will need to work together to keep the cars we love running into the future. Our hope is that the Saab Club of North America can be a facilitator to that goal. Suggestions from the membership as to how to achieve this would be appreciated and you can contact me directly at the contact page.

We know that some dealerships and repair facilities have decided to no longer service Saab vehicles, so if you know of a shop that needs to be taken off our listings in NINES and the Web sites, please pass along that information to Ian Glenday via our contact page. If you have a great shop that is currently servicing your vehicle, pass along that info as well. These are uncertain times in Saab history for sure, but together we’ll be able to continue to drive enjoy our Saabs for many years to come!

Annette Adams
President, Saab Club of North America

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