All New Saab 9-5 Arrives in US Showrooms!
Sunday, 22 August 2010 14:38

Saab 9-5 LaunchWith the new Saab 9-5 finally making its way into US showrooms, we thought this would be a good time to point out some of the positive press that has accompanied the launch of Saab's latest flagship. First off is this review from Autoblog, which promotes the new 9-5 as "paint[ing] a promising future for Saab," and claims the car has a driving feel that exhibits "none of that artificial forced heaviness that has creeped in to some Germanic rivals." Automobile Magazine highlights Saab's traditional driver-centric qualities in its online review, saying the 9-5 Aero's seats "get more comfortable the longer you're in them," and "Saab has done a better-than-usual job of grouping the various buttons by function, which makes things easy to find." Meanwhile, Car & Driver drove both the Aero and 2.0T models, and notes that the 2.0T "is actually more likable than the Aero, if only because it manages to make more from less,..." and summarizes that the car "is a very competent luxury sedan that looks good, drives decently, and offers a lot of room for its occupants. The clean interior design is certainly different from the class norm, and the car is priced below its German rivals." We should note that the MSRP for the Aero has been officially set at $47,565 for the US launch. Autoweek praises the new 9-5 Aero's V6, saying it was "smoother than any Saab engine in memory, and it's strong enough to move a substantial car with some urgency," then also notes that "the 9-5 also rides more comfortably than any previous Saab."

To check out the all new Saab 9-5 in person, find your local Saab dealership and give them a call! And don't forget to download your Saab Club Member Purchase Program certificate for $500 toward the purchase of any new Saab! If you're not currently a member of the Saab Club of North America, follow the link on the right-hand side of this page to join (just below the SOC2010 button).

SOC2010 Keynotes on YouTube
Saturday, 21 August 2010 14:44

SOC2010 Keynote AddressesIf you weren't able to make it this year to the Saab Owners' Convention in Aurora, OH, at least you can now see the keynote addresses of Saab CEO Jan Åke Jonsson and Saab Chairman Victor Muller on YouTube. Click here to go to the SOC2010 channel. Thanks to Saab Cars North America for taping this event and making it available to everyone!

Swedish Car Day - August 28, 2010
Sunday, 08 August 2010 14:45

The 11th annual Swedish Car Day is scheduled to take place at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA on Sunday, August 29.

This year's "day" has actually been extended to two days, with the first day (Saturday, August 28th) consisting of driving instruction with In Control Crash Prevention Training. In Control and its race-bred instructors will put participants through their exciting half-day program. This will include instruction in ABS braking technique, steering control by way of a slalom, tailgating and backing demonstrations, and the very exciting 60 mph lane change maneuver, also known as the “moose avoidance maneuver” in Sweden. The driving instruction will take place in Saabs and Volvos and will be presented at the South Weymouth Naval Air Station.

The second day will consist of the the Swedish Car Day show in Brookline. It's the event's first summertime SCD, and special guests will include Steven Wade (from SaabsUnited) and Dave Burnham, who will be showing his 1971 Volvo 142 GT, a totally unique Volvo.

Registration for SCD and the In Control driving instruction is open now!

SOC2010 Kicks Off Thursday with Track Day

Thursday, July 22nd opens the 2010 Saab Owners Convention in Aurora, Ohio with Track Day at Nelson Ledges.

If you are a Saab Club member and just happen to be in the Northeastern Ohio area on Thursday the 22nd, why not join us to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Longest Day at Nelson Ledges victory by a Saab 900 Turbo? Attendees will have the opportunity to drive on the very course where SAAB's turbocharged 900 showed its stuff to the country back in 1980! Tickets are still available online.

David Wolfe, crew chief on the Nelson Ledges winning 900 auto, is our special guest at SOC2010. He will be at the Track Event and will give a short talk on the Longest Day activities at the Thursday evening Sponsor Dinner.

We will be generally following the Nelson Ledges "FunDays" rules. FunDays were created for the amateur sports car enthusiast; low performance cars and club racers -- people that have always wanted to experience the thrill of "On Track" driving but in a safe, controlled atmosphere. There will be a tech inspection where wheel lug torque and general vehicle condition will be assessed, and participants will be divided into groups based on vehicle performance and driver experience.

For all the details on this great event, check out or the general SOC2010 website at We hope to see you there!!
2012 Saab 93 to Feature Return of Hatch

Autocar has just posted details of the new 2012 Saab 93 (rebadged from the current 9-3). Yes, there will be a hatchback, following behind the regular sedan and convertible. All models will feature frameless windows, and four wheel drive is expected to be an option. Check out all the details at the Autocar website.

Introducing the All New Saab 9-5
Saturday, 05 June 2010 00:30

Saab just posted the first promotional spot for the new 9-5 on its official YouTube channel. Check it out:

 2010 Saab 9-5 :: Introducing the All-New Saab 9-5

Spyker Will Sell Cars in Saab Showrooms
Friday, 04 June 2010 23:05

The Saab/Spyker relationship not only saved Saab, but will also now provide a Halo car of sorts for our favorite marque (at least until the rumored Aero-X based sports car reaches production in a few years). Do you think having a C8 Aileron (pictured, left) on display in your local Saab showroom will get new people in the door to check out the latest Saab offerings? OK, so not every Saab dealership will also be a Spyker dealership, but there will most likely be one within a short drive of just about any market. According to Automotive News, "Spyker intends to boost its dealer network to 60 from 35 in 2010, and to about 90 by the end of next year." Spyker Cars CEO, Victor Muller, noted in the article that "We are signing up Spyker dealerships left, right and center."

And this, from the same article, can only mean more positive results from the partnership: "The Dutch supercar maker has also started benefiting from lower prices for “generic” parts such as windscreen wiper motors that Saab gets through its higher volumes, Muller said, adding that Spyker plans to tap Saab's engineering resources. “Spyker will be profitable in its own right, very much helped by its sister Saab,” Muller said. “It's wonderful that the company that saved Saab is also benefiting from having done that in its own business.”

Griffin Going, and "Mind" Pushes "Jets"
Friday, 04 June 2010 00:00

According to, Saab Cars North America is ditching the Griffin logo for all printed material and will only use the iconic image on the hood and center wheel caps of its cars. The SAAB "wordmark" will be replacing it in print media, and sharp eyes might have noted that it already appears on the steering wheel of the new 9-5. Also disappearing is the "Born from Jets" tagline, which will be replaced with the globally-used, "Move Your Mind," in an effort to unify the brand's message worldwide. One interesting snippet from the article:

Lowe New York created the marketing campaign, but sources tell Ward’s executives within the new Saab, reorganized and sold by GM three months ago to Dutch niche-vehicle maker Spyker Cars N.V., considered it too dark.
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