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September/October 2007

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President's Letter

This issue of Nines will be going to press just as we are getting ready to drive to Troy, MI for SOC07. I hope everyone had a great time and met some new Saab friends. The SCNA thanks the Great Lakes Saab Club members and others who volunteered to set up and run the endeavor. We especially want to thank the sponsors and special guests for their much-appreciated contributions to this year's SOC.

At this time the SCNA has not heard from any local clubs who are interested in doing SOC08; therefore, we are moving ahead with planning for the Boston area. We hope to announce a decision at or soon after SOC07.

As long as we are thanking folks for helping with SCNA activities, we all should thank those who have stuck it out and hung in on the Board of Directors during some rather demanding times. Those of us who decided to volunteer at a time when there wasn’t enough interest to have an annual meeting and are still here with a few added familiar faces know that it has been worth it. The news was not always good but I can say that those who contributed to getting us through these times can be justifiably proud of what they did to keep the SCNA going. On behalf of all SCNA members, thanks to the Board!

You don’t have to serve on the Board to help your fellow members. We do look for volunteers for specific tasks as you all know by now. If you have skills or capabilities that you think might help the club, please feel free to e-mail me and offer your services.

There is a volunteer I would like to recognize who has been assisting the SCNA for several years. He is Bob Incorvati, our legal advisor. We really appreciate the time and effort he takes to provide legal assistance to the Board. Thank you Bob from all SCNA members!

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA