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November/December 2007

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President's Letter

Great news, we decided at the SCNA Annual Meeting that the Saab Owners’ Convention for 2008 will be held August 21st-24th at the Devens Common Center, Devens, Massachusetts. We have asked local Saab clubs in the North East to participate in the running of SOC activities and thus far have a couple who plan to do so. Our goal is to have the SCNA do the planning, financial backing and operation of the SOC with support from local clubs. The headquarters facility will be the Marriott SpringHill Suites Devens Common Center Hotel.

Devens was the site of Ft. Devens, a US Army post that was deactivated in the recent past. It is 30 miles from Boston and is close to many historic sites. Stephen Goldberger had these thoughts on the possibilities: “...the Boston area is rich in historical significance. Just as the Rocky Mountain club kicks off its conventions with an optional tour highlighting their region's principal attractions, we should consider doing the same ...... some things come to mind: "Freedom Trail" (starting in Lexington and Concord, on to the Old North Church and follow the red line on the sidewalk past Faneuil Hall to the Constitution", "Back Bay Boston", including the Gardens, Commons, Beacon Hill, the Statehouse, the Esplanade ..... Plymouth Rock (and the Ocean Spray Cranberry museum) and out to the Cape, ..... a visit to the studio of "Click and Clack", a Red Sox game ...... And with Boston Traffic, there's no need for a track event. Just schedule 2 hours of freeway time ;-)”

The SCNA has increased our number of Directors and have accepted Annette Adams and George McElhinney as new board members. Both Annette and George are well known in the Saab community. For those who may not know them, here are excerpts from their bios:

Annette: “My experience with SAAB is fairly extensive. Beginning with the 1974 SAAB 99 that my father bought for me to drive when I was in high school, my eventual marriage into the Adams family, and presently my current ownership of Iowa City SAAB; I have been involved with SAAB for over half my life. In my years of working at Meyer SAAB, I have had a variety of experience in all aspects of the dealership. My father is a car collector, so I spent many a weekend in my youth learning how to free up brakes and rebuild classic cars. I was a press writer for racing for seven years in the southern Minnesota and northern Iowa area and dealt extensively with promotions and advertising for a new raceway for three of those years. I've also been involved in various restoration projects over the past twenty years. I think I could bring insight to the board from the prospective of a dealer as well as an enthusiast and welcome the challenges that board membership might bring.”

George: “I'd like to see SCNA continue to grow into a vibrant organization with the ability to serve/support local clubs (& vice versa). At this time in my life I have - time. I offer time to the club if I can be of assistance. I like to be part of growing entities & like to get into problems, fix them, & then move on to something new. I come to you with some twenty years experience in small & medium hotel management. To the uninitiated that means I have experience training staffs, marketing, human resources, conflict resolution, food & beverage purchasing/safety-sanitation/preparation/serving, meeting planning, fire safety, life safety, preventative security, bulk purchasing, corpse management (yes, the dead body type), plunging toilets, shoveling snow,.... I also happen to be a Saab aficionado.”

As we come into the Holiday Season, the SCNA Board wishes all of our members a happy holiday season and may you receive all the Saab goodies you deserve!

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA