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September/October 2008

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President's Letter

SOC08 is either history or in process as you are reading this. As is usually the case, this event was planned and organized by a small number of dedicated Saab Club members. In this instance, the following Board of Directors made significant contributions of their time and personal sacrifice to bring the SOC back to the American Northeast: Linnea Krajewski (SOC08 Coordinator), Annette Adams, Seth Bengelsdorf, Lester Ewing, Stephen Goldberger, George McElhinney and Ed Smith.

 In addition, some of the unsung heroes of SOC's are the SOC08 ad hoc Concours Committee members. These folks are former judges and/or entrants at former SOC Concours events. Their distinguished leader is Bruce Harbison. The other members are; Seth Bengelsdorf, Jerry Danner, Tom Donney, William 'Chip' Lamb, Steve McCoy, Dan Morley, Tom Nelson, Tom Remedios, Gary Stottler, Bruce Turk, Larry West and Don Wollum. Larry West was the first chairman of the SOC Concours Committee. Thank you all for your dedication to this fine endeavor!

The folks from the Vintage Saab Club of North America who I'm sure had a successful Poker Run; and, the NESA members who assisted the SCNA at the SOC are also appreciated for their assistance in further the cause Saab!

I would like to welcome Stephen Goldberger as the new Treasurer for the SCNA.

There has been renewed interest in the Carolina Saab Club (http://www.carolinasaabclub.com). We hope they continue to grow and keep us informed through updates in Nines about their activities.

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA