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President's Letter - July / August 2017


Dear SCNA Members,

The car season is beginning in full swing. After attending a few small gatherings and teaming up with some friends to help “wake up” some cars for the season, I attended the Carlisle show on May 19-20th, hosted by Saabs@Carlisle. With over 200 cars registered, plus more Saabs scattered around the lawn, it was a fun show with so many models represented. Everything from the 2-stroke 93’s and Sonetts all the way up to the newest 9-4x and 9-5 models, it was a great time to connect with old friends and make a few new ones as well.

I drove down in the 1982 900 Turbo that I purchased last September, and it ran the 400 plus mile trip flawlessly. I was honored to win first place, and as I said at the show: “I’m not only Saab Club President, I am also a client,” because my car would not have been able to get into the condition that it was without the help of dedicated Saab mechanics and the continued availability of vital parts that are necessary to keep these wonderful machines on the road. Saab owners care about preserving their cars for future generations, and nobody demonstrates that desire more than Tom Donney.

As Tom’s Saab collection grew over the years, he began to feel like a caretaker rather than an owner of some of the most well-preserved Saabs in existence, and that feeling motivated him to find a location where the cars could be stored, showcased and shared with others. I am pleased to announce that Tom and Patti Donney have just signed an agreement to purchase 7 acres along with a 38,000 sq. ft. facility in Sturgis, SD, to house the Saab Heritage Museum USA. (See story on page 17.)

On behalf of SCNA, I would like to congratulate Tom and Patti, and I invite you to SOC in August where they will share more details about the
establishment of the first museum in the United States dedicated specifically to the Saab brand.


Sanford Bogage
President, Saab Club of North America