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President's Letter - March / April 2017

Dear SCNA Members,

Today, on the ride home from work, I actually had to put on my sunglasses for a few minutes. This pleasant reminder that the days are indeed getting longer helped boost my mood after a day of work. I know that pretty soon there will be an afternoon when the weather is just right to open up the sunroof on my way home.

In December, my Saab friend Ben Choiniere and I drove the Talladega down to Delaware to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sports Car Service in Wilmington. Each year, SCS owner Bill Jacobson hosts a holiday celebration and birthday party at his shop. Outside there were Saab’s parked everywhere ranging from vintage 96’s to brand new 2011 9-5’s with everything in between. The showroom was filled with some of the nicest cars from Bill’s extensive collection, including a few of his GM Heritage vehicles and dealer display and show cars. A wide array of tasty treats could be found, including hundreds of homemade Swedish meatballs and some tasty Aquavit! Inside the immaculate service area, along with plenty of chairs and beverages was an array of customer cars as well as some of the nicest pre-owned Saab’s around.

Special appearances were made by John Moss of CT and Jerry Danner, who had flown out from Denver to see his new purchase, a 1959 93B that had once belonged to Saab Cars President Bob Sinclair. We all enjoyed hearing and talking about, sitting in and simply looking at that beautiful car and so many other vehicles, pictures and other rare pieces of Saab memorabilia. I wonder which car Bill and his crew will bring to Carlisle this year…

Upcoming events:

Carlisle May 19-20 in Carlisle, PA hosted by Saabs@Carlisle

eEuroFest 2017 June 9-10 in Lime Rock, CT hosted by eEuroparts

SOC 17 August 17-20 in Pomona, CA August 17-20 hosted by SCNA

See you in the spring!

Sanford Bogage
President, Saab Club of North America