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President's Letter - November / December 2016

Dear SCNA Members,

What a truly memorable convention we had this past August, and I want to thank the many volunteers from the Atlanta Saab Club and S & J Motors for hosting us and for all of their help on the ground. Thanks to our SCNA members and volunteers, we were able to hear from Joel Manby, former Saab CEO, who last spoke at the 1997 Convention in Waterville Valley, NH, where they introduced the Saab 9-5 to the public.

I also want to extend a special thank you to Sports Car Service for helping to make our Talladega Day a reality. Not only were able to drive our own cars on the famous race track, but we had some very special participants including vehicles from both the 1986 and 1996 Talladega challenges as well as Peter Backström and Olle Granlund, who traveled from Sweden to join us.

Ole was one of the head engineers at Saab from the early projects like the V4 engine through the turbo and APC systems, and many of Saab’s other first-in-the-industry achievements. It was also his idea to prove the durability of the turbo by using factory spec cars in what would be the World Record breaking 1986 Talladega challenge, so it was only fitting that Olle joined Tom Donney in one of the original 1986 9000s on the track. Check out our store at saabconvention.com to order your SCNA group photos, Talladega photo books and other SOC and SCNA merchandise.

Upon my return from SOC, I joined some friends at the 17th annual Swedish Car Day, which brings out hundreds of Saabs and Volvos in the New England area. At this show, I started getting the itch for a vintage 900. Talk with my Saab friends taught me that 1982 was a great year for the 900 Turbo since by then were using the 5-speed transmission, and the APC system was also introduced during that production year. I am pleased to announce that I was able to find a beautiful black 2-owner car with only 120K documented miles, and it was within the 100 mile AAA towing radius from my home. Look forward to future updates as I join my SCNA and New England Saab friends for some autumn rides in my “new ’82.”

Sanford Bogage
President, Saab Club of North America