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President's Letter - May / June 2016

Dear SCNA Members,

As you read this letter, our registration should be up and running for SOC 16, August 4-7 at Stone Mountain, just outside of Atlanta, GA. My last letter had the incorrect dates, so I want to be sure to clarify that the convention runs Thursday through Sunday. While SOC officially begins on Thursday night at or Sponsor’s Appreciation Dinner, this year we have organized a bonus visit to the famous Talladega Speedway to commemorate 30 years of Saab Turbo endurance.

SCNA, along with Sports Car Service and Orio, have teamed up with Talladega for an opportunity to visit and drive your own Saab around the famous Talladega track. What is even more exciting is that Bill Jacobson from Sports Car Service in Delaware is bringing his very own 1996 Talladega with him to SOC. I for one cannot wait to see that car drive around the track, not to mention driving my own 97 900 Talladega 5-door up those steep banked corners. Look up our registration site at www.saabconvention.com for more information and to register for the SOC 16 and the Talladega Run.

Finally, an update on our faraway cars from Hawaii. I am pleased to report that the vehicles were sold to our favorite ‘Saaboholic’ - Randy Friedley at Dan Deery Motors. Randy was instrumental in the distribution and sale of hundreds of the final Saab vehicles that lingered in different locations for more than a year, so it seems only natural that he would also help bring these Saab’s to the mainland for sale. For more information, you can call Randy directly at 319-529-8530.

See you at SOC 16.

Sanford Bogage
President, Saab Club of North America