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Celebrating 30 Years Since the Long Run

Dear Saab Friends,

2016 is 30 years since Saab gave headlines worldwide. Three Saab 9000 Turbo, taken directly from the assembly line in Trollhattan and without modifications, ran non-stop at maximum speed for 21 days and nights at Talladega Superspeedway, Alabama. After 100 000 km with an average speed of 213 kph the drive, named Saab Turbo in “The Long Run”, not only confirmed the reliability of the Saab 9000 cars and the turbo engines, but also resulted in two World Speed Records and 31 International Speed Records. Our achievement with “The Long Run” set new standards in the automotive industry. The turbo charged engine proved to be extremely reliable and is consequently used by the majority of car manufacturers today.

The 30-year jubilee of this historical performance will of course be celebrated and during 2016 the Saab Car Museum Support Organization will arrange a number of events and seminars related to “The Long Run”. Examples of activities and some facts, see next page.

The world record drive at Talladega would not have been possible without a number of dedicated partners assisting with expertise, materials and engagement. Garrett, Shell and Pirelli were the main sponsors, sharing with Saab the pride and joy of achieving results never accomplished by anyone before.

The celebrations during 2016 will not be possible without support from external partners. The Saab Car Museum Support Organization started in 2012, is staffed by volunteers and financed by member fees and donations from loyal Saab fans. But there are limited possibilities to do something extra.

As a member of the Global Saab Community we hope that you will support the celebration activities and we would highly appreciate any financial contribution to Saab Car Museum Support Organization.

We hope you will find this interesting and look forward to celebrate “The Long Run” together with you.

Yours Faithfully,

Gunnar Larsson
Saab Car Museum Support Organisation

Olle Granlund
Project manager
Talladega event “The Long Run”