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New Saab Ad Campaign Coming to US

There has been plenty of talk among Saab enthusiasts that perhaps the message that Saab Lives had not quite reached the masses in the United States. It now appears that Victor Muller and his associates have heard this and have decided to put that message front and center in a new ad campaign.

Speaking in Michigan outside the Detroit Auto Show, Muller told the NY Times, "Saab was perceived to have died with old G.M. People mentioned Saab in the same breath as Hummer, Pontiac and Saturn. But in fact we were the company that got away." He also said that a new series of ads were coming that would tell the world that Saab survived and that it planned to stay alive.

“The buyer needs this confirmation that he’s not an insensible person if he actually buys a Saab,” Mr. Muller said.

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