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January/February 2006

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President's Letter

Well, I'm still here. The expected palace coup did not materialize so -- on with the show!”

First, a few comments on what the Board of Directors has done over the last few months. We have had monthly meetings trying to bring the club up to speed and fix a few problems, to wit: the Web site is being updated as we speak, there is new information on the pages but there are still some gaps so if you have an article in mind and want to try it out let us know! The SOC 2006 date is still not set at this point in time. (Of course by the time you read this it may be so don’t panic or anything), we have streamlined the membership process and are trying to eliminate many problems we had in getting membership cards to new and renewing members in a timely fashion, we have removed the "membership only" option so that anyone who joins the SCNA also gets NINES (no, we don't get more money from it but we do get a faster response time with membership cards, etc.), we have had a blue ribbon committee report on centralizing the functions of the owners' convention so that each new convention doesn't have to reinvent the wheel, and some procedural stuff as well. We have also negotiated with the National Motorists Association for a discounted membership fee -- check out the ad on page 32.

We are still looking for a few masochists -- sorry, volunteers -- to hold office starting next year. Those are the highlights. If you feel the desperate need to know more (or possibly I have forgotten something) contact one of your board members.

I would like everyone to remember that this is a new club. We have only existed since 2002 (thanks, Phil Lacefield!) and we are going through the teething pains one might expect. There are several thankless tasks that need to be done and there have been few willing to do them for three years. We have alienated several very hard working volunteers and we have burned out several others (thanks Jon, Larry, Garry, and a host of others!) That said we are getting more done every day and have added a new board member, Brian Cockrell, we have a great relationship with Saab/GM, and we already have the SOC 09 scheduled (no, I am not going to tell you where it is.) That said, we could use a dedicated person or group who would like to put on an owners' convention for 2007 and 2008. You can do this! No, really, we have lots of people here to help and several years of experience to make it happen. Tired of driving to the Northeast for the SOC or not making it? Put on your own! Also, stop by your local dealer or independent repair shop. Ask them if they accept the SCNA discount. Ask them if they would like to advertise in a nationwide publication that reaches Saab folk who want to spend money. Tell them to contact us and we will arrange it ASAP! Also, look for the brochures to join the SCNA. If you don't see them we can provide them, at no cost to the dealer or repair shop!

Now on to a different topic, for those who compete in Concours competitions at the SOC there are currently no written standards. This is the sort of thing that allows those who want to get serious about this kind of competition the ability to plan ahead and see if they have the correct nuts and bolts. In the past we have had long term Saab employees with direct experience to critique our cars but that is no longer the case. If you are interested in putting something like this together let someone know!

I guess that's it for now. I am still looking for a flat top jack, windshield washer reservoir and pump and seat belts (grey) for a Sonett II.

Lester Ewing
President, SCNA